easyRide – Ethical Notes


At easyRide we are the first motorcycle rental that, beyond being from Menorca, we base our principles on sustainability working with local businesses, and pursuing territorial conservation.

Making tomorrow better than today is everyone’s job and we have decided to take advantage of the contact with tourism to teach how to conserve this wonderful island. We advise you to take a look at the ethical notes that, in collaboration with political and environmental associations, we have drawn up to help preserve the natural environment and culture.


Enjoy every corner preserving its magic. Do it for her, do it for everyone

Reuse the bags you take on a trip to collect the garbage you generate

Garbage can start fires or end up in the sea where it damages the ecosystem and destabilizes it. Leaving it in a container helps to maintain the medium.
Did you know that the overpopulation of jellyfish is due in part to the lack of sea turtles since they die when they eat the plastics they find?

Consume local, seasonal, and organic product

Varied and organic food is produced on the island. With its consumption you help local producers, take care of your body and reduce your ecological footprint.
Did you know that food packaging, packaging and transportation are more polluted than their production?

Use just and necessary water, it is a very scarce good

All of our water comes from stormwater aquifers that fill 70% during winter and drop to 30% in summer.
Did you know that in some areas of Menorca the tap water is salty because the level of the aquifers has dropped too low and seawater has leaked?

Drive slowly and enjoy the scenery, you've come to relax

En verano son muchos los coches que conducen por las carreteras sin conocerlas y sin tener claro el rumbo, es por eso que se dan muchas más situaciones peligrosas.
Did you know that in summer there are 12 times more rental cars than local ones on the road?

Sea animals are delicate

You will be surprised, but marine animals cope better with the lack of water than being touched. The surface of your body is your protection and with our hands we weaken it.
¿Sabías que las estrellas de mar mueren debilitadas y de estrés, y no asfixiadas, debido al continuo manoseo para enseñarlas o hacerles fotos?

Respect the residents, they make your vacation

The tertiary or service sector is saturated in summer, which is why it is the time of year when the most work is done and the most frenetic.
Did you know that in hospitality they can work 3 months without a day off or more than 70 hours a week?