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The general conditions of the vehicle rental contract that govern the services of Easy Ride Rent a Bike SLNE, hereinafter easyRide, and the Client are set out below. The identifying data of both will appear on the front of the contract.

Article 1 – Use and condition of the vehicle

1.1 The client confirms receiving the vehicle indicated in the contract in the indicated aesthetic conditions and in perfect working order, as well as confirms receiving it together with its documents and accessories (helmet, keys, trunk, etc.) and undertakes to keep and comply with them. in any case with the rules of the Highway Code and the specifications of the vehicle, which it claims to know, always using it on asphalt public pavements. In the event of damage to the rented vehicle, these will be paid in accordance with the easyRide damage list available to the Client, who also declares to know. The Customer is expressly prohibited from varying any technical characteristics of the vehicle and / or its keys, equipment, tools and / or accessories, as well as making any modification to its exterior and / or interior appearance. € 20 will be charged for each missing corporate sticker, and / or for each sticker and / or added decoration element other than easyRide.

1.2 Only the person (s) identified and accepted by easyRide in the rental contract and / or any annex to it is authorized to drive the vehicle, provided that they are in possession of a valid driving license in the country of rental and in force, having to exchange driving licenses issued abroad when provided for by current legislation. In the event that the client does not comply with the conditions and the valid driving license in force in the country of rental, it will be the responsibility of the client, so the service will be canceled and the amount paid will not be reimbursed.

1.3 It is not allowed to transport a vehicle on board any type of boat, train, truck, plane or other ship or vehicle (unless expressly authorized in writing by easyRide).

1.4 It is forbidden to leave the territory of the island of Menorca with the rented vehicle.

1.5 Damages of any kind that easyRide may suffer due to non-compliance with the conditions set out in this article and / or due to use other than that agreed by the Customer, authorize easyRide to remove the vehicle from the Customer and to bill and charge the Customer prior written communication 5 days in advance, the duly justified amounts corresponding to the repair or other expenses derived from said damages.

1.6 In the event of theft or loss of the vehicle, the Client has the obligation to present the vehicle keys and the corresponding theft report. Otherwise, the full amount of the vehicle is charged.

Article 2 – Price, duration and extension of the rental

2.1 The rental price is that expressed in the rental contract and is established based on the General Current Rate (in relation to services, taxes and fees) and the initial price agreed with the Client at the time of the rental, according to the selected rate.

2.2 The rental price includes the costs of compulsory vehicle liability insurance.

2.3 The deposit will only be returned to the Client when easyRide finds that there is no concept to deduct from it for other concepts by virtue of the provisions of these General Conditions. After the correct return of the vehicle, easyRide returns the deposit on the same card (if the rental period is maximum 28 days) or by PayPal or bank transfer to the Client’s bank account (if the rental period is more than 28 days). The costs of the transfer of € 3 and up to € 17 (depending on the Client’s account) are borne by the Client.

2.4 In no case may the deposit paid at the beginning of the rental be used for an extension of the rental. In the event that the Customer wishes to keep the vehicle for a period longer than that initially agreed, the Customer agrees to obtain prior express authorization from easyRide and to immediately pay the additional amount for said extension.

2.5 The Client undertakes to return the vehicle to easyRide on the scheduled date and time and at the place agreed in the rental contract. No refund will be made if the vehicle is returned before the term stipulated in the contract. The return of the Vehicle in a place other than the one initially agreed upon, upon acceptance by easyRide will imply an additional charge. It is essential to present a copy of the contract and the vehicle keys for any exchange or return. A delay in returning the vehicle without prior notice to easyRide will entail a penalty in addition to the price of the extra rental days.

2.6 The service is only considered finished once the Vehicle and all accessories and documents delivered to the Customer have been returned to easyRide under the conditions stipulated in the contract and at the time and place agreed in the contract.

Article 3 – Payments

3.1 The Client agrees to pay easyRide:

a) The amount resulting from the application of the General Current Rate and the initial price agreed in the rental contract according to the selected rate, corresponding to duration and additional extras either products or services, according to the stipulated conditions, as well as taxes and applicable rates.

b) The amount corresponding to the fines or sanctions corresponding to any infraction of the current legislation, in which the Client could incur derived from the use of the Vehicle that is the object of the rental contract, as well as the corresponding surcharges for the delay in payment by the Client and the legal or extrajudicial expenses that easyRide may have incurred as a result of the above. In the event of a fine, the customer will be charged for the corresponding administrative procedures that will be charged directly to the customer’s credit card.

c) The amount of € 50 if easyRide must withdraw from a municipal deposit the Vehicle that was withdrawn due to the Customer’s responsibility. Likewise, the Client will also be responsible for the payment of the derived fine imposed by the local authorities that will be charged directly to the client’s credit card.

d) The amount that could be derived by any circumstance causing the Client damages to third parties or to easyRide. In the event that it is already insured, when easyRide receives from the insurer the amount of the loss or damage, it will return to the Client the lower amount between the amount paid by the insurer or the amount charged by easyRide.

3.2 The payment of the amounts outlined in section 3.1 above must be made in cash, by credit card or bank transfer. Additional amounts may be charged directly from the deposit and if they exceed the amount of the deposit, easyRide will charge the excess to the customer’s credit card account. If the client does not pay within 24 hours, easyRide will be able to deduct said payment from the deposit or deposit and claim them through judicial or extrajudicial means without further prior processing. The client authorizes this operation by signing the contract.

3.3. In long-term rentals, easyRide can modify its official monthly rates and communicate it through electronic means only, using as valid contact information the email address provided by the Client at the time of signing the contract. Said modifications will be officially published on the company’s website at any time, and the Client will be informed at least 2 weeks in advance, being applicable from the next rental month. These changes will not affect permanent contracts.

3.4. All payments for the monthly rent will be made in advance. The Client is obliged to always carry a copy of the updated contract with him as this is mandatory according to the rental law. If the delay exceeds 5 days from the renewal date, easyRide may renew the contract for the same period as the previous one, having the right to claim the resulting payment, as well as a surcharge of € 10 for each outstanding installment.

3.5. The monthly payment cannot be split. If the Client decides to rent additional days to his monthly contract, the most economical option applies: the daily rates or the payment of the entire monthly payment. The payment of the monthly payment will not be divided proportionally.

3.6 In the event that the client does not contract an all-risk protection without excess, the amount of the excess that was left unprotected will be blocked on a credit card in their name.

Article 4 – Compulsory vehicle insurance, theft, loss and damage to one’s own vehicle

4.1 The rental price includes the mandatory vehicle liability insurance covering damage to third parties and passengers without any excess or maximum liability. The insurance for theft, total or partial loss, damages (or any other prejudice) suffered in your own vehicle (or in your luggage, merchandise or personal objects transported in the vehicle), for any circumstance (either due to vandalism or due to traffic accident) or personal injury.

4.2 For damages derived from other risks (theft, loss, damage to own vehicle) there will be a maximum excess or liability payable by the Customer of € 1200 for the 125cc category. The accessories (keys, trunk, etc.) and the contracted extras (helmets, lock, etc.) are not covered by the franchise and are charged according to the prices of the General Current Rate.

4.3 The Client may contract additional coverage for the reduction of the franchise in case of damage and / or theft of the vehicle. Accessories (keys, helmets, etc.) and extras (trunk, gloves, screen, blanket, etc.) are not covered by the deductible and are under the responsibility of the Client.

4.4 Only in the case of ‘Relax Protection’ the loss of keys, a puncture of the wheel, a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident are included as long as it is up to date with payments. In any case, the client must call easyRide to receive the covers and will not be able to go to third parties.

4.5 A replacement vehicle will not be delivered if, in the event of a claim, the customer has not presented the documentation mentioned in point 8.1. Replacement motorcycle will not be delivered if, in the event of damage due to the customer’s fault, the customer has not paid the value of the repair, according to the General Rate in Force.

4.6 The maximum liability (franchise) and the “Relax Protection” coverage will not apply if the client does not comply with the provisions of article 1 and article 8 of the General Conditions. In these cases, the client assumes full responsibility of the consequences and accepts the return of the vehicle, the termination of the contract and the payment of the corresponding amounts that may result.

4.7 In any case, easyRide reserves the right to offer accessories by customers.

Article 5 – Roadside assistance

5.1 In the event that the vehicle cannot be driven in complete safety and without being damaged by its own use, or cannot be started, the Client must contact easyRide or the roadside assistance company contracted by easyRide.

5.2. The basic roadside assistance service is included in the price of the additional coverages and not in the base price of the vehicle, thus leaving it without coverage as no additional protection is contracted. The Customer agrees not to leave the vehicle until the roadside assistance arrives and the vehicle is removed.

5.3. The amount of € 50 will be charged to the Customer in the case of inappropriate use of the roadside assistance service when they do not have “Relax Protection” and go to assistance for reasons of:

a) Loss or breakage of keys or helmets

b) Lack of fuel or improper refueling

c) Rescue of vehicles in places or roads not suitable for driving or not paved, or any other error, negligence or misuse of the vehicle by the Client.

Article 6 – Maintenance and repairs

6.1 The Customer is not authorized to order the repair of the Vehicle, unless expressly authorized by easyRide.

6.2 It is the Customer’s obligation to stop the Vehicle when any anomaly in the operation of the Vehicle is detected. The Customer should then contact easyRide.

6.3 In the event of exceeding the mileage set for the next revision, it is the Customer’s responsibility to inform easyRide for the replacement of the vehicle by another unless expressly indicated by easyRide.

Article 7 – Fuels

7.1 The fuel consumed by the Vehicle during the rental period will always be borne by the Customer.

7.2 The Customer must refuel the Vehicle with the appropriate type of fuel for it. Otherwise, the Client will be responsible for the expenses incurred by the transfer and / or repair of the damages that could have been produced in the Vehicle due to the use of inappropriate fuel, unless they have contracted protection for it.

7.3 The Customer undertakes to return the Vehicle with the same level of fuel provided that the fuel tank has not been paid in advance. Otherwise, you will be billed the one that is missing plus an additional charge for refueling service of € 10.

7.4 In the case of fuel tanks paid in advance, in no case will the remaining difference or its economic equivalent be returned.

Article 8 – Incidents

8.1 In the event of an accident with the vehicle, the client must present in the store where he rented it, the friendly accident declaration (blue form that is inside the vehicle seat with the rest of the documents) duly completed by the two parties involved in The maximum period of 48 hours from the date on which the accident took place, except for justified force majeure situations, and in any case always before the end of the vehicle rental period. Incomplete or illegible incident reports are not accepted, and if this is the case, it will become the Customer’s responsibility to pay for the damage suffered to the vehicle.

8.2 Non-delivery by the Customer to easyRide of the accident declaration will imply a minimum charge regardless of the value of the damages that the vehicle presents at the time of its return, the amount of which in any case can be invoiced by easyRide in case of non-application of the coverage of the additional franchise reduction insurance in accordance with the provisions of this Article. In any case, the deposit will be withheld from the Customer until it has been clarified which party is responsible for the accident and therefore who is responsible for the damage to the easyRide vehicle.

8.3 If, in the event of an accident, the vehicle is not suitable for driving, easyRide will retain it until the completion of the expert report. In this case, the customer is not entitled to a replacement vehicle.

Article 9 – Modifications to the rental contract

9.1 These General Conditions, as well as the other clauses of the rental contract, may only be modified by means of a written agreement signed by both parties.

Article 10 – Computer processing of personal data.

10.1 The Client authorizes the automated processing of the personal data collected in this contract, necessary for the provision of the agreed service, as well as for the offer and contracting of other products and other easyRide services. The Client is informed of the right to access, rectify and, where appropriate, cancel their personal data by email info@easyride.es

Article 11 – Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

11.1 This contract will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law.

11.2 The issues that arise as a result of this contract between easyRide and the Client fall within the jurisdiction of the Spanish courts and tribunals corresponding to the city where the contract was signed, to which both parties submit.

Article 12 – Reservation cancellation policy

12.1 If the cancellation is made with a notice of more than 48 hours, 100% of the amount paid in the reservation to be canceled will be refunded. If it is done with a period of less than 48 hours, no amount will be refundable.

12.2 The Client has a margin of two hours from the time of booking the vehicle to pick it up and in case of exceeding it, the reservation will be considered canceled without the right to reimbursement.

12.3 easyRide will in no case be responsible for weather conditions, not giving rise to cancellations of reservations or contracts in progress.